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Why Community Outreach Program for the Deaf

At Community Outreach Program for the Deaf - New Mexico, we take the time to understand our clients' needs and provide sign language interpreting and consulting for conferences, job interviews, training, doctor's appointments, legal settings and much more. Our knowledge and experience allow us to provide a positive image of accessibility.

Organizational Advantage

Community Outreach Program for the Deaf - New Mexico contracts with interpreters as either full time staff or independent contractors. Because we employ staff interpreters that are available on a full time basis, we provide interpreters for any last minute assignments that clients frequently request. Full time schedulers are assigned to coordinate client requests. Therefore, clients can easily contact an experienced scheduler by phone, website, or email at any time. Each scheduler is trained by the company to identify the specific details critical to matching the assignment to the appropriate interpreter.

Interpreting Resources

"COPD-NM is the only provider of interpreting services in the New Mexico metropolitan area which is not-for-profit. Competing with for profit agencies challenges COPD-NM to utilize business practices and tools which can minimize the cost of doing business, remain competitive in a rapidly growing market, and efficiently perform business functions so that program surpluses can be re-invested into other services for the Deaf within the agency. All services are mission driven." COPD-NM only provides interpreters whose qualifications are documented by state licensure, and most are nationally certified.

Compliance Management

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requires public agencies and certain public accommodations (such as physicians, lawyers, libraries, day care centers, and hotels) to provide accommodations, including interpreters.

Community Outreach Program for the Deaf - New Mexico stays current on compliance regulations related to ADA Legislation, state regulations for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing, and the Interpreter Certification Board. Through in-house legal counsel, we provide consistent professional interpreting services to satisfy the requirements of the national and state laws.

ADA Resources

Since the passing of The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990, private, state and local government entities are under obligation to consider accessibility to goods and services from individuals with disabilities. In most cases working with individuals who use sign language as their primary mode of communication or any number of diversified disabilities is a new and occasional experience. Considerations for accessibility are difficult to anticipate.

As a benefit of working with COPD-NM, we have organized some helpful resources that will enable your organization to consider appropriate policy, procedures and compliance to the ADA Law.

Most of what you need to know about the ADA and how it affects your organization can be found online. However, wading through cyberspace and maneuvering through the subtleties of Deaf culture may lead you to inapplicable information. Here COPD-NM provides you a highlighted list of links and resources to enhance your organization's sensitivity and education of the ADA's intentions. If you find you need even more information, feel free to contact us and we will consult with you on your accessibility issues.

  • ADA Homepage A comprehensive website for the Americans with Disabilities Act addressing all accessibilities issues and disability groups. Highlights listed below.
    • ADA Information Line: 800-514-0301
    • ADA Business Connection: Addresses the ADA requirements and its affect on businesses.
  • National Association of the Deaf - Oldest and largest organization representing 28 million deaf and hard of hearing individuals

Requesting an Interpreter

A client can contact Community Outreach Program for the Deaf - New Mexico's scheduling staff by phone, fax, website, or email to request interpreting services. Website request forms allow for requests to be made conveniently 24/7 and are processed quickly during business hours. For requests submitted by phone, fax or email, Schedulers will document the assignment information including the name of the client, the location of the assignment, the requested time, and any necessary contact information. Schedulers will also fill any specific requests for interpreters as stipulated by the authorized requestor.

Last Minute/Emergency Requests

Frequently, clients contact Community Outreach Program for the Deaf - New Mexico requesting interpreting services immediately. This often occurs due to last minute scheduling changes within the client's organization. Because of the large number of interpreters and the scheduling software used by Community Outreach Program for the Deaf - New Mexico, our schedulers accept these requests.

Technological Advantage

Community Outreach Program for the Deaf - New Mexico uses state-of-the-art scheduling software that allows our staff to clearly communicate with our clients and interpreters. Customers and clients schedule interpreters by phone, email or automatically through our website at Confirmation emails are sent both to the client and the interpreters. This ensures clients are up to date on their requests and qualified interpreters are sent to their assignments in a timely manner.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do your interpreting services cost?

Our rates are not disclosed on this site due to proprietary concerns. However, please contact us directly and our scheduling specialists will be happy to fax or verbally share our standard rates. If your interpreting needs are complex in nature, involve the performing arts or if you are seeking long-term contract rates, our accounts managers can disclose additional creative solutions.

How much notice do you need to schedule an interpreter?

The more notice we have, the better we can assess your needs and provide the right interpreters for your specific environment.

Where do I find more information on our legal responsibilities to individuals with disabilities?

Please visit the ADA Resources on this page to find helpful links. Although our site focuses primarily on the deaf population, you will find the ADA links to be all inclusive of all disability groups.

What is the difference between a "spoken language company" that offers sign language interpreting and COPD-NM that specializes in sign language interpreting?

There is a common misconception that sign language services are similar in scope to "spoken language companies" and services. While there are common themes, in terms of relaying information between two individuals who do not share the same language or culture, federal laws have identified deaf individuals, whether they use sign language as a primary mode of communication or any other form of communication, as a protected class and deserving of laws to protect their rights. As a result, the Americans with Disabilities Act was born. In response to that legislative act (ADA), states have responded by deeming the practice of sign language interpreting a learned profession, affecting the public health, safety and welfare of the community, and subject to regulation protecting the public from the practice of interpreting by unqualified persons. Hence, there are many legal implications governing the field of sign language interpreting that a "spoken language company" would find difficult to master; the certification governance, standard practices and the ADA's full scope and effect on your organization.

Requesting an Interpreter

Please read our Our Services section for more information about our services and frequently asked questions.

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